About Me: Megs

Hello & Welcome!
My name is Megan a.k.a. Megs, CEO & Founder of Nutmegs Wellness Teas LLC. I attended the illustrious Howard University and gained a business education along with hands-on experience. I’ve created an entity that will provide comfort, wellness & happiness to a number of people and that it is what matters most to me.
I have always been a tea-mate and finally made this joy a priority.  While on my own personal wellness journey, I expanded on the numerous benefits and felt the need to create and share my findings and crafted tea blends with all those willing to create a lifestyle with me.
So much of what we are told about food in general is false so our perspectives are unknowingly flawed. Because of this, it is my duty to operate a company based on authenticity, consistency and transparency. I truly hope to influence you to take wellness into your own hands by starting and ending with a cup of Nutmegs Wellness tea. 
Thank you!