Pour Into Yourself, One Cup at a Time!

Dear tea-mates,

I hope you’re reading Nutmegs Wellness Teas’ first blog post in good spirits.

Let’s be real, life is tough and the curve balls come at you unexpectedly. I’ve gotten to the age now where I am not completely surprised when BS happens. I become focused on handling the situation at hand and getting through it, while allowing myself to feel however I need to feel through it. For me, tea is typically included in the healing process. It helps me to slow down, gain control of my thoughts and emotions, all while supporting my immune system in a number of ways. Ultimately, it helps to soothe my soul.

I’ve gotten to the age where I want to acknowledge and celebrate all the wins in any shape or form they come in, both mine and others who I love. I’ve gotten to the age where I understand how vital it is to priotize your health and wellness above anything else. I’ve gotten to the age where I realize how significant it is to pour into yourself so you can be slightly sane enough to handle the next problem or win that arises. 

Pouring into oneself can entail a number of activities, including, but not limited to seeking therapy, staying active, getting consistent facials or massages, eating the right foods, traveling, manis & pedis, taking intention mental health days, watching a good movie or tv series, and the list goes on. It truly depends on the person. Pouring into oneself is simply key to make the consistent effort and progress to shape your life experiences as best you can. I challenge you to pour into yourself, one cup at a time. 

I’m choosing to do the same. Nutmegs Wellness Teas is hosting its first in-person event in the beginning of 2024: The Steep and Sip Tea Blending Experience. My vision is to create a safe, enlightening and welcoming environment for like-minded people to learn about tea, connect with others, enjoy tasty tea bites, and create their own tea blend. I’ve seen what tea has done for me so I have the desire to expose others ot it. Start off the year on the right note and join me for a few reasons:

1. Learn about the history of tea vs. the tea industry today

2. Discuss the different types of tea, their flavor profiles and benefits

3. Enjoy multiple prepared tea blends witch afternoon tea sandwiches & desserts 

4. Create & take home your own unique tea blend of 5 or less herbs from the 20+ loose leaf tea herbs that will be available 

5. Build lasting connections with others over tea

I cannot remind you enough to pour into yourself and join me for Nutmegs Wellness Teas’ first Steep and Sip Tea Blending Experience on Saturday, January 6, 2024 from 12pm-2pm in Upper Darby, PA. I hope to see you there!

Don’t Miss this Tea!! Would you attend an in-person tea blending event? Why or why not? Let me know in the comments. 

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