Discover a Secret in Every Sip!

Dear tea-mate,

Do you have secrets? Have you been asked to keep a secret? A secret is something that is intentionally not known to others or is confidentially told to a few people. The reason for keeping or holding secrets varies from person to person, situation to situation and can be for a subjective or an objective reason. There is some uniqueness is every situation.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized that there are some things about myself that I actually do not want everyone to know because it is not their business. 🤣 Sometimes the consequences of running your mouth to the wrong people are incredulous. I can now, most times, decipher between those who have my best interests at heart and those who don’t and that determines the personal and intimate details I choose to share with few people. In a way, I feel like to helps me protect me against threats. 🛡️ 

In the same breathe, I feel like its my duty to share my findings and general information with people that can help benefit their lives. Bits of key information that is useful. It comes from my personal dislike for not having all the information or all of the story myself to make the best decision. I want to ensure people know what they need to know to make the best informed decision. 

Nutmegs Wellness Teas has become a brand where I can share what I know to hopefully make some sort of positive difference in the lives of others. Not until I was on my own personal wellness journey did I realize how many more loose leaf tea herbs existed that I knew nothing about. I was also able to discover how most herbs share multiple benefit factors. It depends on their recipients body and makeup to determine how a tea blend will properly support them best. That’s the true beauty of tea. 

With tea, you can discover a secret in ever sip. And it’s not something that I’m willing to keep to myself to share with only a few loved ones. Everyone deserves to know what they stand to gain by including tea in their diet consistently. Whether you need help with relaxing, sleeping, getting over a cold, boosting your energy levels, supporting your organs, etc. and the list goes on. And the beauty of herbs is that they can also support you and your body in a way you did not even expect. The possibilities are endless and should be shared. 

Lastly, check out this fan favorite blend, Sweet Lover, and its breakdown of herbs. It’s an overall great boost for the immune system and it tastes great hot or cold. Included are just a few of the benefits, but there are many more. I guess we can consider them secrets for now. 

Never underestimate how much a cup of tea can benefit your life and once you do, tell everybody and their momma! 😉

What type of health secrets have you kept from others and why? How did it make you feel? Have you tired any of the herbs in the Sweet Lover blend? Give me the tea! Let me know in the comments.

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